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About Us

Construction Estimating Guide is a blog spot that caters to the estimator’s niche in the construction industry. An estimator’s role is very crucial and a lot rides on his accuracy and preciseness if the construction company has to flourish and become an industry leader. However, his role is definitely not easy and a walk in the park. There are specific methods that he/she must follow if the estimate of a project provided to client has to be correct in all respects and as close to the actual final figure as possible.

We at Construction Estimating Guide invite blogs from estimators on how to get things right and their experiences in this particular field. Our blog spot is also open to the common man who has had issues with estimates provided by estimators. This will help those planning new construction projects to take necessary safeguards when receiving quotes from estimators.

Our blog seeks to share knowledge about the pitfalls faced by estimators. An example will highlight this better. It is widely known that estimators are often given concept drawings to work on. Now these are actually rough sketches of plans that might change as work at site progresses. In this scenario, it will be very difficult for an estimator to arrive at a final figure. We request all and especially estimators to write on our platform to inform potential clients of their requirements based on which they will be able to offer optimised services.

There are a few little known things about the whole process of arriving at construction estimates that we want to highlight through write-ups and contributions from you so that others may benefit from it.

And by the way, everything need not be a matter of calculating estimates only. Send your pieces with news, views and trivia from the world of construction.